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Museum Programs

Raupp Museum Photo

Raupp Museum Photo

Raupp Museum Photo

The Raupp Museum is proud to offer several exciting educational programs for school groups, home school associations, and community groups.  Programs are available Monday through Friday during school hours making it ideal for a field trip, and meet state standards and local learning goals. Can’t visit the Museum?  We can travel to you!  Most programs can also be done at school.  Please call the museum at 847.850.2135, or send an email to to schedule a program.

Potawatomi Pathways
Grade: Preschool – 5
This program emphasizes the connection between history and the environment.  Students view reproduction Potawatomi artifacts, while learning about Native American houses, food and clothing. Additional options include a memory game, folktale or trading post activity.

A Student’s Life
Grade: 1 – 2
This presentation uses images and artifacts to show students what life was like 100 years ago.  They explore one day in the life of a child – home, school, shopping, and having fun.

Tiny Traders
Grade: 1 – 2
Shop like the farmers did 125 years ago!  First, students earn money from the dairy cow, gather eggs, and make a shopping list.  Next, they shop in the General Store, using their money and eggs to buy and barter for the things on their shopping list.  This program teaches the difference between needs and wants, and the link between work and money.

Buffalo Grove Then & Now
Grade: 1 – 5
Learn how Buffalo Grove has changed during the past 100 years.  First, students look at a series of artifacts to see how one object changes over time.  Then, a slide show contrasts pictures of past Buffalo Grove buildings with buildings that currently stand in those locations.

Grade: 2 – 3
History + Math! How did farmers organize the space in their barn to make the most money?  This program combines history and math, as students practice area and perimeter, and choose sides in the battle of cows vs. chickens.

Grade: 3 – 4
How do animals and plants survive and thrive?  They adapt.  This program will teach students about the different ways that plants and animals adapt to their environments and the changing seasons.

Packing For Pioneer Life
Grade: 3 – 5
Experience westward expansion into Illinois in the 1830s.  Students start by brainstorming what pioneers needed to settle Buffalo Grove.  Next, the museum educator opens a pioneer trunk filled with reproduction artifacts, demonstrating the use of each item, and the need it filled.  Finally, students make their own choices in a hands-on wagon packing activity.

Invention Versus Innovation
Grade: 3 – 5
Students learn about the power of invention by looking at two classic history-making examples from the museum’s collection – cameras and telephones.  They will then learn about innovation, as they explore how both of these inventions changed over time, and eventually merged into today’s smartphones.

What Makes A Good Exhibit?
Grade: 3 – 5
Tired of looking at rainbow font? This program introduces students to the design behind good exhibits and signs.  Using hands-on examples, they will discover that the way information is arranged visually is key to helping the reader understand their message.

Early Chicago
Grade: 3 – 5
Learn about the early history of Chicago – how it developed, why it grew, and the different ways in which Chicago and the suburbs are connected.

Grade: 4 – 8
This exciting program introduces students to the history, science and practice of archaeology!  After viewing a presentation about archaeology principles and techniques, students put their knowledge to work by participating in a mock dig and analyzing the artifacts that they uncover.

Grade: 5 – 8
From aircraft carriers on Lake Michigan to food rationing at home, WWII had an effect on everyone.  Students will learn what life was like locally during this time period, and the role kids played in the war effort.

The Civil War
Grade: 5 – 8
Students will learn the stories of local residents affected by the Civil War, and explore how the national issues involved in this conflict affected people on a local level.

Museum At Your Virtual Meeting

Make your meeting memorable!  The Raupp Museum can provide the guest speaker for your next community or club meeting, whether it is in person or virtual.  Museum speakers are available for afternoon and evening presentations.  To learn more, contact us at

Presentation Topics
Ballots, Babes & Beer
Buffalo Grove Then & Now
Murder On The Meadow
Save Your Receipts
Saving Your History – On A Budget
What’s in Style? 1890
Wheeling – Buffalo Grove Nurses Club

Museum Programs Online

Are you too far away to visit?  The Raupp Museum has several educational videos available on YouTube.

Museum You Tube Videos

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