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Specialty Programs

Specialty programs are not included in memberships and are available to members and nonmembers alike.  Most fees are based on member or nonmember status, regardless of residency.  Youth specialty programs are based on residency.

To register online for Specialty Programs:

Specialty Programs Registration

Pilates Reformer Small Group Training

Reformer is a phenomenal workout for your body’s “powerhouse,” or your abs, lower back, hips, and glutes. It is heavily focused on alignment and accurate muscle engagement, which can lead to improved posture, better balance, and more stability.  First-time participants should start in a basic class before joining our group training-level class.

Warm Water Arthritis

This 45-minute class takes place in our warm water therapy pool, which allows for flexibility and mobility of the joints. Certified instructors will lead you through a series of exercises that can help relieve the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.

Adult Swim Programs

Swim for Fitness (Beginner) and Master Swim (Advanced) classes are led by certified personal training instructors in our lap pool.

Small Group Training 

We offer a variety of classes such as weight loss, boxing, flexibility and balance, and weight lifting.


Fencing is a fantastic sport, offering kids and adults many health benefits. It helps develop balance, flexibility, agility, and body awareness. It also requires strategic thinking, focus, and self-reliance. And, it’s a great stress reliever because it’s fun! If you enjoy a sport that completely relies on your own ability to win, while being mentally engaged, consider fencing.

Special Population Training

Individuals with specific medical, physical, or metabolic conditions have exercise needs that are typically going to require a greater level of supervision. Exercise with a trainer at a low to moderate intensity.

Youth Programs

Youth programs are available to in-district and out-of-district residents aged 10 – 15.  Programs such as boxing and youth fitness run year-round.

For more information on any of our Specialty Programs, contact Debra Saper at 847.353.7512.

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies  Allen Force logo

The Fitness Center at the Buffalo Grove Park District recognizes the challenges faced by returning veterans with a disability. To meet their wellness needs, we offer a program for  veterans with a disability to keep them connected physically, socially and mentally with other veterans and members of the community.

Veterans accepted into the Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Program will receive:

  • Personal training sessions* with a certified trainer experienced in post-rehabilitation exercises
  • A 1-year membership to the Fitness Center for Veteran and a companion
  • Post-rehabilitative exercise materials for home use
  • Invitations to optional social events where they can meet other program participants

*Start date and duration of training sessions will be tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Participant will receive an initial consultation with a personal trainer at the Fitness Center. This consultation is required to help get started, and to determine how this program will work for the participant. A disability (mental and/or physical) of 10% or more is required to qualify for the Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies program.

For more information, contact Carol Lucido at 847.353.7508.

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