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Board Of Commissioners

The Park Board is composed of 5 non-paid commissioners elected by Park District residents and is the legal governing authority through which the business of the District is conducted. Park Commissioners serve a 4-year term and the board is primarily a policy-making body that reflects the needs and interests of all taxpayers in the Park District. Residents are encouraged to take part in the Board’s decision-making process by attending Board meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 6 pm at the Alcott Center. Once the Park Board Meeting has adjourned, all Board members return to their roles as citizen and taxpayer. It is only the Park Board, acting at a legally constituted meeting, which has the authority to establish or change policy, sign agreements or award contracts. The Park Board has appointed a professional staff to manage the operation of the District on a daily basis. Citizen complaints should be directed to the staff and only if the problem cannot be resolved at that point should the citizen approach the Park Board at a legally constituted meeting.

Scott Jacobson
Scott Jacobson

Stephen Cummins
Stephen Cummins
Vice President

Hetal Wallace
Hetal Wallace

Dr. Larry Reiner
Dr. Larry Reiner

Meeting Agenda & Packet

May 22, 2023 Board Workshop/Meeting Packet
May 22, 2023 Board Financial Packet

Previous Meeting Packets

Park District Status

The Buffalo Grove Park District was incorporated in September 1969. It is a local government entity completely separate from any other governmental authority. The Park District has the power to levy taxes within its prescribed limits, and possesses all of the powers of a public corporation.

Dates the Park District Board of Commissioners Meets Submit An Agenda Request Form

Consent Agenda

In January 1990, the Park Board approved a change in the format to include a consent agenda. This agenda consists of proposals and recommendations that, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Park Board, will be acceptable to all members of the Board. The purpose of this agenda is to save time by allowing one roll call vote for all items instead of separate votes on each item. Generally, items on the consent agenda have been discussed at Committee of the Whole meetings or are routine matters. The procedure followed by the Park Board in its use of the consent agenda is as follows:

  • When the consent agenda is reached on the Park Board meeting agenda, residents are invited to address the Park Board concerning consent agenda items.
  • Any Commissioner wishing to discuss an item on the consent agenda may request that the item be removed and placed on the agenda under new business.
  • At the time of roll call, a Commissioner may vote either “aye” or a “nay” vote.
  • One roll call vote is taken which covers all items on the consent agenda.

Meeting Minutes

Workshop Meeting Minutes

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